History of Rainworth

Rainworth is a village in Nottinghamshire which is split between the administration of Newark and Sherwood District Council and Mansfield District Council.

Rainworth Parish Council is responsible for the Newark & Sherwood Council area only and is elected by the residents of this area for the Parish in two wards, Rainworth North and Rainworth South.

There are two Members of Parliament for the village.The Sherwood Constituency part is represented by Mark Spencer MP and the Mansfield Constituency by Alan Meale MP.

The history of Rainworth has roots in Roman times, and Rainworth Lodge was built in the 12th century, Rainworth as a village was created in the early 1870s, 40 years before Rufford Colliery opened in 1911.

The Colliery provided housing for approximately 400 families, and leisure facilities such as a football ground and lido (which was in disuse by the end of the war), along with the Miners Welfare.

After over 80 years of service Rufford Colliery closed in 1993.